I should be so lucky!

This is great stuff.

After the dog died, they buried him in the backyard.

The judge is ready to pass sentence.

The girl took the biggest spoon and supped from the biggest bowl.

How's the neighborhood? Quiet? Noisy at night?

Don't forget to call him.

Tell me that's not the truth.

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Revised slept in his office.


Turn that radio down at once.

I can't ask them to lie.

I took him a cup of coffee.

That was my idea.

We've run short of money.

Let me win for once.

I've decided to join the National Guard.

I want to do a little shopping.

Many people think that antique cars are overpriced.

The two adversaries in distance running are your competitors and the clock.

That sandwich really does smell good.


I'm just doing what needs to be done.

It'll take a few days to break in these shoes.

You get off at Yotuya Station.

Kick! Kick!

He will often sit and look at the sea for hours.

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She couldn't hold back her tears.

We'll discuss it later.

I've never seen such a wonderful sunset.


Dan heard a gunshot.

I have to take an examination in history tomorrow.

We already looked over there.

He believes it to be an honor to follow in his predecessor's footsteps.

We do know that.


Have you finished knitting that sweater?


Did you receive my package?

Reindeer are herbivores and ruminants.

Let's not panic now.


Evelyn said he wouldn't mind waiting for us.

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Real life begins after coffee.

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I think that everybody knows.

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Roxane feels a little sorry for Lanny.


I'm glad that God has chosen me to be your host.

You'd better tell us what's going on.

I have bad news for Kent.


I've never needed it.

I don't want to bother you.

There are plants that repel insects.


His English is improving very quickly.

A man without ethics is a wild beast loosed upon this world.

I am thankful to have been given the experience of life.


Get everybody out.


In general, it may be said that he is a genius in music.

This is as true of a cat as of a dog.

It sure looks cool.


I often go shopping at the supermarket near my house.

What's always on your mind?

I'm having a very delicious meal at home.


The contract was rather loose.

I didn't see anything suspicious.

Their pseudo-scientific rhetoric serves as justification for America's imperialist foreign policy.

Linda isn't polite.

I had enjoyed some tennis.


Elwood said there's nothing else we can do.

Donations to philanthropic programs are tax-exempt.

If I wanted to scare you, I would tell you what I dreamt about a few weeks ago.

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What else could happen?

Keep him away from us.

Last night, I saw something.


Let's meet up for a drink later.


I'll tell the others.

I'm afraid I have some rather bad news.

The quarrel settled, he returned home.

Marc is still officially in charge.

I hate my hair.

He scalded his tongue with the hot tea.

I feel that I would be too far from the reality of this person

Don't sit down on the sofa.

It was a problem in their local community.


If you just listen to what the teacher says, you'll be able to become a good student.

Pierce will likely come to visit us next summer.

My native language is the most beautiful gift from my mother.

I heard what Irving had to say.

Do you have any idea who we should single out for the position?

Sorry for bad-mouthing you the other time.

Fritz has no empathy.

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I barely know him.


I taught myself how to play the guitar.

I'm seeing her this evening.

Aron killed Elizabeth.

Amir is a lecherous old man.

I can but wait.

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Did you get a beer?

Please, don't do it.

Brian's all muddy. He played football.

Earnie is already beginning to talk.

Do you think Pamela could be telling the truth?

We're being attacked by mosquitos.

The boys were whispering; I knew they were up to something.

They're not ready.

Please watch this movie.

Kees always seems so disorganized.

He doesn't eat raw fish.

You had as well throw your money into the ditch as give it to him.

Margaret has a talent for music.

Wait outside.

The end of the world will have to wait.


It'll be my birthday soon.

I have lost my new fountain pen.

Are you going to give this to me?

He came to Japan when he was a child.

That's what Joachim thinks.

She's from Portugal.

I too like apples.

I had a conversation with her.

Dori retired at sixty.

When I was in Boston, I used to eat out at least once a week.

She left her keys in the car.

I didn't know what to do.

We are wishing from the bottoms of our hearts, that he and everyone passes the admission examination.


Oleg has been waiting a while.

Hans left his clothes lying all over the floor.

We're having a problem with pigeons.

Nobody wanted to hate my country.

When one nation pursues a nuclear weapon, the risk of nuclear attack rises for all nations.

You'd better go find a job instead of fucking around.

He brought her to our place.

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Lobbyists for the bill funneled bribes into a campaign fund.

There are some good marriages, but there are no delicious ones.

It was due a week ago, namely on April second.

It wasn't that loud.

Now let's get started.

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Stacey doesn't want me to see what he's doing.

America bleeds credit.

Have you listened to this TED talk?


I saw Naren with a group of men.

I've got kids, too.

We thought it was fantastic.

How am I supposed to eat?

Your room is very big.

He came back before eight.

This is harder than I thought.

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A car has a steering wheel.

At that time, she was busy with some sort of work.

Sooner or later, everyone will know all your secrets.

The school is a half-mile walk from my house.

I think you deserve some credit.

Yesterday, I ran into my teacher at the amusement park.

I'm so happy you stopped by.

I got on the train for London.

Angus denied having met Bertrand.

Do you have any other theories?

There may be life on the moons of Jupiter.


He was very outgoing.

I am in the house.

Please correct my bill.

I couldn't talk Renu out of going.

The name comet comes from the Latin word cometa which means "long-haired".

I'm in transit between flights now. I've spent 8 hours on a plane so far, after changing planes now it's another two hours.

Look at those curves!

Love of money is common to all men.

They've stopped smoking.


Those who dig a grave for others will fall therein.

They spoke briefly.

That'll take some time.


I could have done it better.